Case Study: Charity: Water Birthdays

If you haven’t heard of World Water Day that is celebrated annually on March 22 then you probably have not heard of charity: water and their birthday campaign. Briefly to start, World Water Day was created in 1993 by the U.N. They did this because the wanted to gain and create attention to the global water crisis … Continue reading

Nordstrom’s social media policy

I was looking up social media policies late tonight and found some okay ones, some that were far to wordy and then finally the one that I thought was to the point and good in my eyes… Nordstrom. Before I go into talking about this policy I will post it so you can see what … Continue reading

Case Study: Vineyard Vines

“Every day should feel this good.” What does that tag line sound like it belongs to? Now I probably just gave it away to you in the title, but if you are not preppy or known this east coast brand then maybe I can actually stump some people. This tag line is from Vineyard Vines a clothes … Continue reading

There’s an app for that

Even though that video is Sesame Street they have one thing right… there is an app for that. Now the ipogo in this song is not really showing actual apps but you get the idea. Now more than ever it seems like there really is an app for everything.  I personally find it enjoyable to … Continue reading

I want a million followers

I have had a Twitter account for a while. At first I was doing it just to see how many people would follow me. Honestly I do not know why I would tweet just to get followers. Anyways who would want to follow someone who tweets like this:  Now I think that it is a … Continue reading

New Networks Part 2

Here is the continuation from the new networks part 1 post. One thing about part two is I feel like this are more along the lines of apps and social networks that I would really consider using. Number six is called Localmind. Localmind is the app for spontaneous, social users. What it does is gather info from users … Continue reading

New Networks

In class we are always talking about different and new social media networks that are trying to break through and become popular. From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest I found myself using them everyday… usually. So I thought maybe I should look up some new networks that I could potentially include with the ones I already use. … Continue reading

Foursquare for dogs?

I think that is really cool when a smaller company/brand does a social media campaign and gets such great feedback. The one that I thought was so cool had to do with one of my favorite things in life…dogs! Even though this campaign did not happen in the United States it is still cool. Pet food … Continue reading

I’m a smore…

No, I did not spell s’mores wrong. What I was actually referencing was this infographic below: I found this and I thought that it would be pretty fun to try and see if I could find people for each one of the labels. I think this infographic is interesting because everyone one on Twitter falls … Continue reading

Is the Timeline the Right Choice?

Facebook is always changing and initially I get really upset about it. I used to not be able to understand why they kept changing it… isn’t the saying “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” apply here? Now, I understand though that change has to happen to keep Facebook relevant.  So when the timeline came about I … Continue reading